“Nothing is permanent. everything is subject to change. Being is always becoming.”

I’m holding a bowl in my hands, enjoying its smooth, white, curved, free-flowing shape. I bring it to my lips to sip from, but it slips and falls. It shatters around me and my mother hurries over to check I am not hurt and to gather up the pieces.
I’m sitting on the steps and golden, dappled light dances around me. I’m painting with no picture in mind, just waiting for one to emerge from my irregular brushstrokes. I fill the paper with black smudges until they cover practically the whole page, while evening falls and shapeless shadows descend around me.
My piece of paper has wings. The folded layers form a butterfly and I set it free on the water. It is blown by the breeze and changes shape as the water weighs it down. It’s a green leaf floating on the surface, a lily flower bobbing in the breeze — it’s several beautiful, imperfect shapes in constant movement.


The clouds scurry across the sky and the wind blows through the dry grass and faded flowers, some of which I gather and tuck into my hair. I take some home and shape them into beautiful, unpredictable and random arrangements.

I’m holding a bowl in my hands, enjoying its rough, irregular free- flowing shape. I bring it to my lips and the golden veins that hold the shattered pieces together catch the light. This beautifully imperfect bowl that has withstood the passage of time is my most treasured possession, a reminder that so much beauty can be found in imperfection and often in the most unexpected of places.

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Crushed cotton and quilted items, unfinished hems and voluminous styles in natural fabrics, pale stripes and brushstroke patterns breathe new life into our classic creations made in Barcelona. Our focus on simplicity and detail remains steadfast, as does our desire to produce garments that stimulate the creativity of our little ones, inspiring them to have fun, run around and take the odd tumble, be cause it’s not the fall down that counts, but how we get up.


Our Wabi-Sabi collection pays homage to the uncontrollable beauty of nature, to the imperfect, the unfinished and the handmade. Just as the haiku poem celebrates the beauty of simplicity, our Wabi- Sabi collection aspires to reflect this through clean, asymmetric lines and crisp, natural cottons. Once again, our clothes invite wearers to experiment, to be playful, to pleat, to fold and unfold, creating unforeseen works of art. Our simple colour palette includes washed out whites, smudgy blacks, bold reds and fuchsia designs inspired by the spring blossom in Japan.


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